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Jul 09, 2023

From ethereal to modern styles, these quirky candles are guaranteed to make a statement on your tabletops

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Everybody loves elevating their tabletops with a few chic candlesticks, tapers and pillar candles, and it seems like there’s a never-ending stream of beautiful styles to choose from. Twisted, ridged and classic straight taper candles can all add a super playful touch to your tabletop decor, but if you want to really make a statement then I’ve found just the candle styles to suit more unique tastes!

I’ve seen some stunning candle styles while browsing through the best home decor stores, so I decided to round up the most beautifully-shaped designs for you to shop below. I’m not talking about statement jars or candlesticks here, but instead styles where the candles themselves are the star of the show. Unique waxy creations that are pieces of decor in their own right – almost too beautiful to burn, you might even say. While there are tons of fun colorful and textured candle designs out there, this roundup focuses on the most unique candle silhouettes and shapes for you to add to your ever-growing collection.

This trio of candles features a unique silhouette of stacked, rounded shapes for a modern and organic effect. The neutral, earthy tones will suit basically any color scheme!

It's hard to believe, but the delicious honeysuckle scent isn't the most alluring thing about this Loewe candle! Its smart free-standing design acts like a taper candle and traditional holder in one, plus it comes in the shade of the moment – butter yellow.

this slim pillar candle is a bestseller for a reason! With its striking sculptural silhouette it has a modern-yet-classic feel, and it comes in a range of statement and neutral colors to suit any style – I'm a fan of this deep plum shade.

If you're a fan of floral decor, you'll love this standing taper candle. It has an elaborate ruffled design which looks far more elegant than ditsy florals! It comes in loads of colors and shapes which you can layer for an ethereal effect.

I adore the organic texture of these taper candles which have a hand-whittled feel. The glazed finish, natural grain and soft neutral tones makes each candle feel like luxe stoneware piece.

This taper candle has been hand-cast from a real oak branch, so the naturally gnarly design will make the perfect fall-friendly addition to your table. It comes in a few different colors but I love this natural brown shade.

This arched pillar candle has a clean, minimalist feel. The modern shape will make a great addition to your favorite trinket tray alongside other chic decor pieces.

These candles are halfway between a taper and pillar candle style – the chubby design feeling like a modern and fresh twist on both traditional shapes. They'll make a subtle statement in your home.

The twisted design and chic greige shade make this large pillar candle feel undeniably elegant. You can layer it together with the small and medium sizes for a striking effect.

There are a few candle shapes which will really make a statement on your tabletops. Modern and playful designs with more sculptural or organic silhouettes will really stand out against a plain wall.

Traditional candle shapes with a bit of a twist (like the Loewe candlestick style above) are a failsafe option – they’ll make a statement but still feel classic enough to slot easily into more minimalist or muted decor.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of texture! From elaborate floral ruffles to more subtle ridges and lined detailing, texture can really change the tone of your decor pieces – and candles are no exception.

For style leaders and design lovers.

Valeza Bakolli is an experienced shopping editor. She previously worked at BuzzFeed where she honed her skills in all things shopping - from gift guide curation to spotting top home trends. Finding the best bargains online is her happy place (you won’t believe how much she got her Nespresso machine for!) and when she’s not romanticizing her morning coffee routine, you’ll probably find her creating a tablescape for yet another alfresco dining event in her backyard.

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