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BMitch & Finlay Jason Wright Redskins ‘not being considered'

Aug 13, 2023

A huge guest with some huge breaking news on BMitch & Finlay today: Commanders team president Jason Wright joined the guys, and told them flat out that the Commanders WILL NOT be reverting back to the Redskins.

“Going back to the old name is not being considered. Period,” Wright said.

Wright touched on how great training camp was and fan attendance and engagement have been up in spades, evoking the good days of the previous era and even before – but unfortunately, the name on the scorecard isn’t going back to that good vibe, or maybe any other name, soon.

“We have three big priorities for new ownership: building a championship-caliber team on the field and investing in amenities we need to do so, improving the guest experience, and re-engaging with the community,” Wright said. “Josh and the limited partners will be present in the community leading up to game day, including a big kickoff party at Franklin Park on Sept. 8, so we’ll see what happens.”

And that re-engagement of the fans, and the end of the Snyder era, have done one wonderful thing for Wright and the Commanders on the business side, too.

“In an interesting and really good way, we’re back open for business,” Wright said. “Were able to operate with government and community leaders on a clean slate, and it’s good for business. We just announced Anheuser-Busch has come back, with Folds of Honor, and the Air Force/National Guard. Not only are we getting back folks who have been there before, but we’re also breaking new ground, and a lot of that has to do with the fans.”

Wright says he’s always loved his job, and despite the long hours, “working under Josh has been great for a lot of reasons,” so the business ops people are having more fun – and BMitch noted that the attitude change is noticeable.

So, too, will be what’s still to come in the fan experience, which Wright explained for those who didn’t attend either of the two home preseason games, but will be there for Week 1 – which is now down to just Standing Room Only tickets, and could be the first legit sell-out since 2012 or 2013 and mostly Commanders fans, as ex-Card Wright noted ‘they don’t have a fan base that travels well’ – and beyond.

And as for that…Wright feels the excitement of the possibility of RFK being the once again home of the team in the future, but whether it is or not, he wants DC to have that call.

“I certainly support the excitement around the possibility of being in the District,” Wright said. “We’ve always said RFK is the spiritual home of the team, but taking a step back, irrespective of whether we end up there or it’s the right decision, it is the right thing for DC to have control of the site to the leaders the city has elected can control its economic destiny. We have many moons to go before we know where we’re going to be in the future, but it’s our responsibility as supporters of DC and their economic goals to support that.”

Take a listen to everything Wright had to say to BMitch and Finlay above!

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