Ew: A Slipknot Fan Gifted the Band a Cow Heart in a Box
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Ew: A Slipknot Fan Gifted the Band a Cow Heart in a Box

Jul 15, 2023

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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is taking a look back on his decades-long music career as he prepares to release his new solo record.

When asked the weirdest gift a fan ever gave the band, he quickly answered: a cow's heart.

Another fan once gave the band a decorated human femur.

That's right, you guys: we're talking about Slipknot today. So get ready to start craving Monster Energy Drink and Cool Ranch Doritos. Fish out your Spitfire hoodie and your Vans. And get ready to go loudly yell things at your stepdad (except, now, you're doing it because he's hard of hearing rather than because he said you couldn't host a LAN party to play Halo).

Corey Taylor has been the lead vocalist for the aforementioned metal band Slipknot and the rock group Stone Sour since the 1990s. But in the 2020s, Taylor embarked on a new endeavor: a solo music career.

In 2020, we saw the release of his solo debut, CMFT (The C and the T stands for Corey Taylor, and you can probably fill in the other letters yourself). After receiving positive reviews for its wide range of musical styles, from country to hip-hop, Taylor began work on the follow-up, CMF2.

In anticipation of CMF2's September release, Corey Taylor spoke to Revolver to answer fan questions, including a question about the weirdest gift the band had ever received from their famously rabid fanbase. For Taylor, the answer seemed obvious: a cow heart.

"One of Slipknot's biggest fans in Holland was this guy Crazy White Sean—he was this weird hippie artist-musician dude who just tooled around Amsterdam doing his thing," Taylor told the publication. "We were in Amsterdam on Valentine's Day to play a show, and he brought us a real cow heart in a Valentine's box, and it f***ing smelled awful."

How did the band react to the gift? Just about how you'd expect Slipknot to respond to a cow heart. "Somebody tried to take a bite of it and immediately threw up. I was like, 'That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen, and I've been around!'" Taylor said.

As Revolver points out, that's hardly the only strange gift the band has ever received from their fans—the band was also once given "a human femur with 'People = S***' written on it."

Of course, if those are a taste of the wild fan interactions that Slipknot has had over the years, one can only imagine the things fans have given their beloved opening act, The Slipnutz.

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