“It was completely irrational”: DC Fan Leaked Fake $873M Zack Snyder Movie Script to Public as Revenge Against Haters
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“It was completely irrational”: DC Fan Leaked Fake $873M Zack Snyder Movie Script to Public as Revenge Against Haters

Jul 30, 2023

byHashim AsraffAugust 14, 2023, 1:24 pm

Since James Gunn took over DC Studios, there has been a lobby from Zack Snyder fans to bring back the Snyderverse. This is just the latest in the line of acts where fans and haters try to exert influence over major franchise decisions. When Zack Snyder was directing the first team-up film in the DC Extended Universe, the studio received a lot of hate for their choice of director, cast, and writers.

Interestingly, rumors circulated before the release of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that the Studio had paid director Kevin Smith to write a fake script for the movie. While the rumor ultimately turned out to be false, a fake script was indeed leaked online.

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It could be argued that Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman faced severe hate even before it hit theaters. The film received highly unfavorable reviews and saw a historic drop in collection after a record-breaking first week. Before the film’s release, a rumor began circulating that DC Studios had purposefully leaked a fake script online to manipulate fan expectations.

The rumor had it that the studio hired Clerks director Kevin Smith for the job. However, Kevin Smith came online to deny any such rumors. Smith went so far as to say that no major studio would ever approach someone like him to write even a dummy script.

As it turns out, there was indeed a fake script circulating within the online community. However, it was not Kevin Smith who wrote the script in question, but an enraged Zack Snyder fan.

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The person responsible for the leaked fake script was reportedly a Twitter user who goes by the moniker SonOfArrogance. A Zack Snyder fan, he was triggered by the unrelenting hate that the Man of Steel director and his movie were enduring. The film had faced an uproar of negativity since its announcement and the fan believed that it was completely irrational for haters to judge a film that had yet to hit the theaters.

“…when the movie was announced there was this uproar of negativity. People were pissed about the casting, the director, the writer etc etc. And it was completely irrational. There was no sense to it. Just a bunch of people angry over what was ultimately nothing. There is no basis for anger in my opinion unless there is something tangible. Which there wasn’t.”

The fan thought that a fake script would shut the haters down. The intention was to exploit the group dynamics of such online communities that were opposing Snyder. The fake script allegedly featured characters like Amanda Waller, Mr. Zsasz, Morgan Edge, and David Cain.

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However, even a fake script couldn’t save the movie or DCEU from its eventual doom, largely driven by the unwarranted hate it had received. DCEU fans can now stream Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on HBO Max.

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