10 Sue Storm Actor Rumors For MCU Fantastic Four, Ranked By Excitement
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10 Sue Storm Actor Rumors For MCU Fantastic Four, Ranked By Excitement

May 20, 2023

Rumors abound as to what actor might play Sue Storm in the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie, leading to an exciting list of possible candidates.

The rumors as to what actor will play Sue Storm in Marvel's Fantastic Four are running wild. The Invisible Woman Sue Storm is notable as the only woman in the Fantastic Four and the first superheroine created for Marvel Comics in the Silver Age. She is also the team's most powerful member, having the most versatile and potentially lethal powers. These factors make the casting of Sue Storm perhaps the biggest challenge Marvel Studios faces in building the cast for their Fantastic Four film.

With what little is known about the Fantastic Four in the MCU, it is hard to guess precisely what Marvel Studios might be seeking in a Sue Storm actor. For instance, the Invisible Woman of the modern Fantastic Four comics is a mother of two, so the role might require a more maternal figure if the MCU Sue Storm already has children. In any case, the role will require considerable action experience and comedic wit, given the generally light tone of the Fantastic Four comics. The rankings which follow are based around several factors, including casting reports, online response, and the previous work of the actors in question.

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Best known for her role as Anastasia Steele in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, Dakota Johnson's name was mentioned in relation to the role of Sue Storm. According to Jeff Snider of The Hot Mic podcast, Marvel Studios was looking for an actor between 30 and 35 and "Dakota Johnson is the prototype." Beyond this, Johnson's name has not been mentioned in relation to Marvel's Fantastic Four. This is likely because of Johnson's starring role in Sony's upcoming Madame Web movie and a desire to avoid potential scheduling conflicts between the two franchises.

The star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was an early favorite for the role of Sue Storm. However, with Rachel Brosnahan now cast as the DCU Lois Lane, it is highly unlikely that she will also be the MCU Invisible Woman. Beyond Marvel wanting to avoid any connection to the flagship franchise of their long-time rival, both Superman: Legacy and Marvel's Fantastic Four are scheduled for release in 2025. Logistically, it would be all but impossible for Rachel Brosnahan to film both high-profile roles in the coming year.

Allison Williams was first reported as a prospective Sue Storm by Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph. The star of M3GAN and Get Out, Williams has a huge following among horror fans and considerable comedy experience as well, with a lead role in the HBO series Girls. However, apart from Randolph's report, there has been little buzz around Williams in the role, and her lack of experience in action movies counts against her.

The rumors that Luckiest Girl Alive star Mila Kunis might play Sue Storm first arose following a report from The Daily Mail. Kunis was seen having lunch with Marvel's Fantastic Four director Matt Shakman, during the time he was believed to be casting the MCU film. While Kunis had popular support for the role, she denied any involvement with the film during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden. This came after rumors that while she was not up for Sue Storm, she might be playing another role, like a gender-swapped Thing or Alicia Masters, Ben Grimm's love interest.

Jeff Snider of The Hot Mic podcast claims that Marvel Studios offered the role of Sue Storm to Emma Stone, but the deal fell through because Stone's asking price was too high. Certainly the Academy Award-winning actor is in high demand, and she has the broad range of experiences needed to play the role of the Invisible Woman, being a talented comedic actor with many action-oriented roles on her resume. However, there is far more fan interest in Emma Stone returning to the role of Gwen Stacy for a Spider-Gwen movie than there is in her playing another Marvel character.

The star of Free Guy and Killing Eve, Emmy-winner Jodie Comer has the varied profile Marvel Studio reportedly wants for their Sue Storm. John Campea reported that Comer was a favorite for the role in September 2022. She was also among the actresses named by Grace Randolph as up for consideration in April 2023. Comer has not confirmed or denied being in talks for the role of Sue Storm, but did confirm she was not opposed to accepting it, telling the Happy Sad Confused podcast to "Never say never..."

Another actor named by Grace Randolph as a prospective Sue Storm, Vanessa Kirby has also been tied to Marvel's Fantastic Four by other Hollywood insiders. Daniel Richtman claims that Kirby was offered the role in July 2023, and Kirby told Variety that "it would be an honor to play Sue Storm." Certainly Kirby has considerable action experience, having appeared in several Mission Impossible films and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. And with dramatic roles like Pieces of a Woman and The Son on her resume, Kirby would seem to have everything Marvel Studios wants for their Invisible Woman.

A long-time fan-favorite for the role of Sue Storm, The Good Place star Kristen Bell has generated serious buzz among Hollywood insiders. When Mila Kunis said she knew who was cast as Sue Storm but couldn't talk about it, Daniel Richtman was quick to point out that Kunis and Bell are close friends. While Bell is best known for her comedic works, she has also done some action-oriented roles, such as Elle on Heroes. Additionally, many of Bell's romantic roles had her playing a girl-next-door who fell for an awkward nerd, which is a fair summary of the romance between Sue Storm and Reed Richards in the comics.

Emily Blunt was a popular fan-cast for Sue Storm, even before her husband John Krasinski was cast as Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Blunt proved her action bona fides playing a protective mother like Sue Storm in the A Quiet Place franchise. Despite Krasinski not being signed on for more movies, it has been speculated that he and Blunt might appear together in Marvel's Fantastic Four. However, Blunt told Howard Stern, in a 2021 interview, that superhero movies were "not up my alley. I don’t like them. I really don’t." This makes it unlikely she'd ever consider the role of Sue Storm.

With Barbie breaking box office records, Margot Robbie's star has never been higher as a producer or an actor. Robbie has been rumored to be a front-runner for the role of Sue Storm in Marvel's Fantastic Four, and the role could be hers for the asking given her recent success. The big question may be if DC Studios will try to lock Robbie down for another turn as Harley Quinn in the DCU first. Robbie has previously expressed interest in returning to the role, particularly if the project involves Harley's partner in crime and girlfriend Poison Ivy.

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