The HandFan Portable Misting Fan is on sale
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The HandFan Portable Misting Fan is on sale

Jun 27, 2023

It's hot outside. Even without the heat index, temperatures are pushing 90. The real-feel temperature is often well over 100! With that kind of heat, any outdoor activity is downright miserable unless you have something to keep you cool — like this personal HandFan Portable Handheld Misting Fan. Not only does it keep air flowing across your sun-baked skin, but it even sprays a light mist to help wick away the heat. Oh, and did I mention it's only $22?

With a 17ml water tank, this fan will gently spray you to keep you moist and cool on even the hottest day.

The biggest selling point is the size. Fully extended, it's only 8.9 inches long and just 4.1 inches wide. That's smaller than your average notebook, and it's ideal for carrying your bag or backpack for those sweaty summer days. Going to a baseball game? Hit a home run with comfort. Playing putt putt? You're way more likely to nail a hole-in-one if you don't have sweat in your eyes.

The marketing almost writes itself, but I digress. The fan is easy to use. You can short press the button to turn the fan on or off, and a long press activates or deactivates mist mode. If you buy the version with a nightlight, you can double-press the button to turn it on or off.

The fan comes with six different fan blades and an adjustable base. If you get tired of holding it, you can place it on your desk or a nearby table to keep air blowing over you while you work.

"This fan was amazing. I bought it for a trip to Las Vegas where it was expected to be 110 degrees everyday. And then the AC in my hotel broke and it got up to 88 in my room!" said one sweaty traveler. "It was miserable, but this fan was a saving grace. It is easy to stand up, which I did on the side table, and left it on all night to blow air on me. The battery life is amazing, I was able to leave this fan on all night and it didn’t die on me."

Another reviewer said it worked great even with makeup. "I belong to a dance club and I bought this to cool me off when I've been dancing a lot. The dance floor gets really stuffy when it's crowded. It works great, was nicely packed with great instructions and a little bottle to fill the water reserve. The three speeds are a good feature and it fits in my purse. Emits a gentle stream of very fine mist that doesn't bother my makeup and keeps my hair from frizzing. The quality it also good and the price was reasonable."

Ironically, a little bit of mist is just the thing to battle dog-day humidity. That's science for you.

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