This Invisible Ceiling Fan Lights Up and Even Has A Built
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This Invisible Ceiling Fan Lights Up and Even Has A Built

May 24, 2023

Check out this Invisible Ceiling Fan. You are going to totally want one in your life!

I absolutely love my bedroom, but it seriously needs a ceiling fan to keep the space from being stuffy and warm.

Ceiling fans can be so obtrusive and — let’s face it — ugly. Just a big ol’ eye-sore in the middle of pristine simple beauty.

This Invisible Ceiling Fan is disguised as an elegant ceiling light. Its design is a gorgeous black birdcage, and you are going to love it.

Creative design:The layout of the 42in retractable ceiling fan light adopt the elegant black bird-cage and the blades we use Abs plastic, it won’t cause too much pollution and benefit to the environment,with remote control to automatically retract the invisible fan blades.Besides, we provide a bluetooth function easily to play music or story when you connect the app.

I haven’t even gotten to the cool part yet. Not only is this a light, but you can make it turn different colors!! 7 colors to be exact. How freaking awesome is that?

Sure, it’s awesome that this fan is “invisible” and can change 7 different colors. But, this fan also has bluetooth music capabilities!!

Bluetooth and 7 colors changing:The Crystal chandelier retractable ceiling fans offer the Bluetooth function, After connecting the phone to “ilamp” Bluetooth, it can play your favorite music you like,Or installed in a children’s room, playing soft music or night stories when your kids about to sleep. When you turn off the light by the remote control, the music will also be played. (Need to use APP to turn off the lights)Download the “ilamp” app to change the color of fan lights.

You just download the “ilamp” app, and you can control all the features remotely.

Multi-function:Our Retractable ceiling fan lights with the Remote control have 3 wind speed setting(low-medium-high)/with stereo (when it connect the bluetooth it can play the music you like and the story for kids) and timing function 4 kind of time setting(1/2/4/8 hours). Support setting to automatically close after 1h / 2h / 4h / 8h. The lighting and fan can be controlled independently.

This Invisible Ceiling Fan is super reasonable as far as ceiling fans go. You can pick up one for $166.

It’s almost worth getting one for each room in your house!

To get your own Invisible Ceiling Fan, you just need to go to the Amazon Website.

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