220V/230V IP55 Motor Large Volume Ec
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220V/230V IP55 Motor Large Volume Ec

220V/230V IP55 Motor Large Volume Ec

Package Size 34.00cm * 34.00cm * 24.00cm Package Gross Weight 3.200kg 133mm Waterproof IP55 Fan Ec-AC Double Inlet Blowe
Basic Info.
Model NO. PD3N133B2E-TZ0
Pressure Low Pressure
Certification RoHS, CE
Life Expectance 50,000 Hours(L10)
Insulation Class Class B
Acoustical Noise 67 dB(a)
Static Pressure 3.60 Inh2o / 900 PA
Signal Output Fg (Frequency Generator)
Bearing System NMB Ball Bearing
Protection Type IP55
Speed Control Control Input 0~10VDC / PWM
Input Current 1.0 a
Rated Speed 1900 Rpm
Air Flow 517.88 Cfm / 880 M3/H
Input Power 140 W
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating Voltage 184~276 VAC
Rated Voltage 230 VAC
Transport Package Standard Exporting Package
Specification 72mm Rotor
Trademark PBM
Origin Suzhou, Jiangsu
HS Code 8414593000
Production Capacity 10, 000PCS/Year
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 34.00cm * 34.00cm * 24.00cm Package Gross Weight 3.200kg
Product Description
133mm Waterproof IP55 Fan Ec-AC Double Inlet Blower FanPD3N133B2E-TZ0PBM Motor and Fan is a China mainland manufacturer and EC technology consulting company offering an extensive range of EC(Electronically Commutated) motors, fans and solutions, investing in the latest developing, manufacturing and technical equipment with in-depth processes & procedures. Our main products are EC fans, including EC axial fans, EC centrifugal fans and EC blowers. We do both AC and DC current type. And EC Motor is the core technology of our products.
Eletronically Commutated Motors(EC Motors)also known as Brushless DC Motors(BLDC) are synchronous electric motors powered by direct-current(DC) electricity and having electronic commutation systems,rather than mechanical commutators and brushes.The current-to-torque and voltage-to-speed relationships of BLDC motors are linear.
PBM fans are widely used in many fields. For example, axial fan for telecom, backward curved centrifugal fan for air exchanger,(inline duct fan)hydroponic products and FFU, forward curved centrifugal fan for air purifier and air conditioning,blower for kitchen.
1.General Characters
Rated Voltage230 VAC
Frequency50/60 Hz
Operating Voltage184~276 VAC
Rated Speed1900 RPM
Input Current1.0 A
Input Power140 W
Air Flow517.88 CFM / 880 m3/H
Static Pressure3.60 inH2O / 900 Pa
Acoustical Noise67 dB(A)
Life Expectance50,000 Hours(L10)At 40ºC room, humidity 15%~65%RH.
Insulation ClassClass B
Motor ProtectionLocked rotor protectionPolarity protectionAutomatic restart capability
Speed ControlControl input 0~10VDC / PWM
Protection TypeIP55
Signal OutputFG (Frequency Generator)

2.Mechanical Character
Dimension176mm X 182mm X 255mm (see dimension drawing)
Material of ImpellerCold rolled steel sheet
Number of Blades38
Bearing SystemNMB ball bearing
Lead WireAC(AWG20#),DC(AWG24 #)

3.Environmental Characters
Operating Temperature-25ºC to 60ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC to 75ºC
Operating Humidity5% to 90% RH
Storage Humidity5% to 95% RH

4.Performance Curve

220V/230V IP55 Motor Large Volume Ec-AC Double Inlet Air BLDC Blower Fan

Testing Condition:Input Voltage----Operating voltage (230VAC/50Hz)Temperature-----Room temperatureHumidity---------65%RH
5.Outline Drawing

220V/230V IP55 Motor Large Volume Ec-AC Double Inlet Air BLDC Blower Fan

Note:1.Connection line: AC(3×AWG20#),DC(4×AWG24#)2.AC: Brown=Live Line,Blue=Null Line,Green & Yellow=Protecting Earthing;3.DC: Red=Voltage Output +10VDC, Yellow=0-10VDC/PWM, White=FG, Blue=GND;
Application Scopes:Ventilation & Purification / Air Conditioning / Refrigeration / IT & Electronic Industry / Medical Industry / Heating / Automotive Industry / Household Electric Appliances / Cloud Date Center / Mechanical Equipment and Systems.
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ModelMotorRated CurrentRated PowerRated SpeedWeightProtection TypeSound LevelAir FlowAir Pressure
PD3N133B2E-TZ0BE72EC1.0 A140 W1900 RPM3.2 KGIP5567 dB(A)880 m³/h900 Pa
PD3N146B2E-TZ0BE72EC1.2 A170 W1500 RPM4.1 KGIP5568 dB(A)1140 m³/h845 Pa
PD3N146B2E-MZ0BE92EC1.55 A220 W1850 RPM4.4 KGIP5572 dB(A)1300 m³/h850 Pa
PD3N133B2EMBE72EC0.9 A120 W1500 RPM3 KGIP4465 dB(A)880 m³/h340 Pa
PD3N146B2EMBE92EC1.4 A190 W1750 RPM4.5 KGIP4472 dB(A)1340 m³/h620 Pa
PD3N180B2EMBE102EC1.9 A400 W1550 RPM6.2 KGIP4474 dB(A)2000 m³/h710 Pa
PD3N200B2EMBE102EC1.36 A3001150 RPM7.3 KGIP4464 dB(A)2000 m³/h1000 Pa
PD3N225B4EMBE138EC1.8 A1050 W1450 RPM8.4 KGIP4478 dB(A)3500 m³/h560 Pa
PD3N250B4EMBE138EC1.2 A655 W920 RPM9.2 KGIP4474 dB(A)3640 m³/h720 Pa
PD3N280B4EMBE138EC1.1 A600 W800 RPM11.3 KGIP4472 dB(A)4100 m³/h890 Pa

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About PBM:High Quality EC Fan / Competitive Price / Strong Team / Long Life Expectance / Fast Delivery / Customization Available / Attentive Service / Professional Assistance

220V/230V IP55 Motor Large Volume Ec-AC Double Inlet Air BLDC Blower Fan

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FAQFrequently Asked QuestionQ: What are electronically commutated motors?Electronically Commutated motors are brushless DC motors where the direction of the electric current is switched using electronic controllers. As the switching of the current is technically known as 'commutating', brushless motors are also called 'electronically commutated' motors. EC motors provide the advantages of brushed DC motors in terms of the ability to have variable speed control, but without the drawbacks of brushes
Q: What are the advantages of EC motors?EC motors are very high efficiency electric motors (80%) and maintain a high efficiency level at part speed. This means that in most cases they use less than one third to half of the electricity used by traditional induction motors, which in turn translates into lower operating costs and short payback periods. As EC motors have a higher efficiency this ensures that the motors run cooler in application which ensures a longer life for the motor.In terms of speed control and features, because the motor's operation is controlled by software, EC motors allow customers to optimize and integrate the motor, fan and controller with the application, and to include features like data communications, constant volume control, variable speed.Features & AdvantagesQ: What about cost?The initial outlay for an EC motor is more expensive than the traditional induction / shaded pole motors and this is mainly due to the electronic components required to drive the commutation. In recent years the cost of electronic components has reduced dramatically as volumes increase.The huge energy savings provided by EC motors, mean equally large savings in operating costs, which in turn translate in payback periods as short as a few months combined with a longer life expectancy.In our case, together with high energy savings, low use of raw material, low part count and simple electronics, have allowed us to make our motor price very competitive
Q: How are EC motors 'sustainable'?The huge energy savings provided by our EC motors directly translate into large carbon emissions savings.By using an EC motors in your application we are able to assist our customers in dramatically reducing the air pollution (CO2) generated by their applications. This is due to the motors high efficency & low energy costs which helps to preserve the world for a 'greener' future.EC Motors are designed & manufactured using 70% less copper and 80% less steel than traditional induction and shaded pole motors which has a dramatic reduction in environmental impact in producing these raw material components.services to the clients.Contact UsWe highly appreciate your any enquiry by email, call or instant message.