DC Fans Show Support For Grant Gustin Appearing As The Flash In The Batman 2
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DC Fans Show Support For Grant Gustin Appearing As The Flash In The Batman 2

Aug 10, 2023

DC fans want the Arrowverse's Grant Gustin to return to his most famous role, Barry Allen, as The Flash opposite Robert Pattinson in The Batman 2.

DC fans are behind the idea of Grant Gustin playing The Flash in The Batman 2. Gustin appeared as Barry Allen over a decade in the Arrowverse, fighting several villains across The Flash's nine seasons, as well as the Arrowverse's popular crossover episodes and events. Earlier this year, The Flash season 9 ended the Arrowverse, making Gustin hang up his speedster suit. However, DC fans are not quite ready for the actor to leave the role behind.

While it is still too early for a revival of The Flash, fans have taken to Twitter to show their support for Gustin to appear as Barry Allen opposite Robert Pattinson's Batman in The Batman 2, which releases in theaters in 2025. Pattinson's Bruce Wayne is still at the start of his career, as was shown in The Batman, so there is no reason to believe he has encountered other DC heroes or that they even exist in his world. Still, the idea of seeing Gustin back as The Flash in a high-profile movie is certainly exciting. Check out several fan reactions below:

@Spider_Culture shared a custom image of Pattinson's Batman and Gustin's The Flash meeting in The Batman 2, asking if Gustin should appear in the movie.

@FlashsAndor hopes Gustin returns as The Flash in The Batman 2.

@_Bernardo_Gamer prefers to see Gustin's The Flash in The Batman 2 rather than the movie introducing Robin.

@Mercury2313 thinks the duo teaming up would be exciting.

@UtdTransferr is all in on the crossover idea.

@_clarkie__ would love to see the two DC heroes share the screen in The Batman 2.

Gustin played the Arrowverse's Barry Allen, which means his version of The Flash does not come from The Batman's universe. For Gustin's The Flash and Pattinson's Batman to share the screen in director Matt Reeves' The Batman 2, making the two universes one and the same is out of the question; however, there are a couple of ways in which the two actors could appear together in the film.

With the multiverse being a popular storytelling device at the moment, The Batman 2 could use it to bring in Gustin's The Flash from the Arrowverse to assist Pattinson's Batman against a more physical foe. The Batman's main villain, The Riddler, was not one to bring a challenge to the Dark Knight in a fight. To diversify Pattinson's outings as Bruce Wayne, it is possible that The Batman 2 will see Gotham City's protector face off one or more villains that can put up a fight with him, and options are aplenty.

While it is highly unlikely that The Batman 2 will feature the multiverse, as Pattinson's first solo film was all about realism, there is still another way in which Gustin could show up as The Flash in the movie. Gustin could simply appear as the Barry Allen of The Batman's universe rather than his version from the Arrowverse. While there has been no indication that Reeves wants to add other DC heroes to interact with Pattinson's Batman, if the director chooses to do so, with his history and the fans' support, Gustin would be the best choice to play The Flash in The Batman 2.

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