Pasco community holds fan drive for schools with A/C issues
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Pasco community holds fan drive for schools with A/C issues

Jun 25, 2023

TAMPA, Fla. — After seeing parents on Facebook talking about problems with the air conditioning at their children’s schools, Pasco County business owners came together to help cool the kids off.

Dylan Lonsway said there’s only one way to describe the Pasco County classrooms he’s visited recently. “It’s hot,” he said. “One of the classrooms was like, 85 degrees.”

After seeing a Facebook post by Holly West asking for box fan donations, Lonsway, a local realtor, knew he could help. Together, they’ve collected over 20 fans to donate to Pasco schools with A/C issues.

West owns Go West Home Renovations & Repairs and she’s also a former teacher. She said every year her business donates school supplies, but this year, fans seemed more useful.

“I could not imagine teachers or students teaching or learning in an environment that’s not conducive. When you’re that hot — 80-85 degrees, thirty-five students, crammed in one classroom with all that body heat — you can’t learn,” she said.

Lonsway is delivering fans to schools as they receive them and they said while these fans won’t solve the A/C problems, they will certainly help.

“They’re running around, they’re having fun. It’s just 85 degrees, you can see all the kids sweating, so it’s nice to see when you plug the fan in, they’re all smiling and very thankful,” he said.

Officials with Pasco County Schools say problems with air conditioning units at schools have fluctuated and on Thursday, only a few schools had units go out. They said their maintenance crew repaired those units, and work to fix problems as quickly as possible when they arise.

If you would like to donate a fan, you can contact Dylan Lonsway at [email protected].