Replicate Fixer Upper's Design Aesthetic With This Vintage Decor Item
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Replicate Fixer Upper's Design Aesthetic With This Vintage Decor Item

Jul 05, 2023

Vintage interior designs are chic and environmentally friendly love letters to the past. Interior design superstar Joanna Gaines loves the vintage look and frequently incorporates it into her "Fixer Upper" renovations. Avid watchers know that Gaines is no stranger to flea markets, thrift shops, or antique stores. Buying secondhand is a sustainable way to achieve a retro design scheme. Often you can find furniture and decor directly from the era that inspires you. Thrifted finds like a vintage fan will help you replicate the "Fixer Upper" design aesthetic.

The term "vintage decor" refers to anything that is inspired by past design trends. So everything from a 1960s daisy wallpaper print to an Edwardian armoire is considered vintage despite their significant difference in appearance. The "Fixer Upper" vintage style tends to borrow elements from the mid-1900s as well as modern farmhouse touches. This blend of styles is often warm, inviting, and chic. And, you can get a similar look by incorporating the right pieces into your space.

Looking at a vintage electric fan is like glimpsing into the past. Its aged metal construction will make you say, "They don't make them like this anymore," and you'd be right. Many modern fans are purely functional with less-than-unique designs. Opting for a model with naturally aged metal will help you nail the vintage look and recreate Joanna Gaine's signature decor style.

Flea markets, antique shops, and thrift stores are great places to begin your search. You can extend that search to online flea markets, eBay and Mercari. Also, keep an eye out for estate sales too. These can be like gold mines to a vintage lover. If you're willing to wait, you could even ask an antique store to contact you when they receive a fan that meets your specifications.

Once you've found that perfect piece, you need to decide if you're going to use it as a working fan. Joanna has had older items rewired to make them safely usable in a modern setting, and you could do the same with an antique fan you wish to use. You can also style non-working fans to be purely decorative. Adding one to the corner of an aged desk will create a timeless and classic aesthetic. Alternatively, you can create a funky shelf display with your fan, other antique finds, and modern touches for a unique look.