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The Top 10 Can't

Jul 02, 2023

As college football season kicks off, so does a beloved American tradition -- tailgating.

In conjunction with National Tailgate Day, celebrated on the first Saturday in September, football fans across the country gather to enjoy food, games and camaraderie before the main event. If you're planning to partake in this storied custom, why not do it at one of the best tailgating schools in the nation?

Here's our roundup of the top 10 college football tailgates you can't afford to miss.

The home of tailgating national champions, LSU brings together extravagant setups and a die-hard fan base. It's a place where tailgates can house 30-year-old daiquiri machines, and the crowd gets so engrossed that some forget there's even a game happening.

Ole Miss boasts The Grove, a 10-acre sanctuary where cars are prohibited and the revelry knows no bounds. With its "Walk of Champions," this spot offers one of the most distinctive tailgating atmospheres you will find.

Combining a massive stadium, a great team and a large student body, Ohio State delivers an all-around impressive tailgating scene. The spirited students also have a tradition of vandalizing vehicles decorated in rival colors.

Wisconsin excels in crowd participation with its unique rendition of the wave and the stadium-wide "Jump Around" that has to be seen to be believed. A can't-miss for fans of brats and touchdowns alike.

Benefiting from consistently great weather, USC offers a top-notch tailgating experience. With Greek recruitment deferred, Saturdays might become even more football-centric than before.

Located in Happy Valley, Penn State's Beaver Stadium regularly fills with nearly 107,000 fans, undeterred by the winter chill. It's a place where fan endurance is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Known for its research on tailgating and its community-oriented approach, the University of South Carolina provides what many people seek in a tailgate -- a sense of belonging.

Alabama stands out for its unique tailgating traditions, from the houndstooth pattern decor to the "yellowhammer" cocktails. And, of course, you can't escape the well-known battle cry: "Roll Tide."

Tennessee offers a unique aquatic twist with its "sailgaters." Dock your boat by Neyland Stadium and become part of the "Vol Army," a unique and festive gathering on the Tennessee River.

The Texas Longhorns know how to throw a tailgate. With BBQ smokers aplenty, live music and an ocean of burnt orange, this is a monumental experience, further amplified by the newly-added Bevo Boulevard.

As we gear up for another adrenaline-pumping college football season and the festivities of National Tailgate Day, don't settle for just any pre-game gathering. Elevate your game-day experience by diving into the rich tradition, unbreakable community and electrifying spirit found only at these iconic tailgating meccas.

Trust us, you won't just be celebrating the season -- you'll be immersing yourself in the very soul of college football. Happy tailgating, everyone!

1. LSU (Louisiana State University)2. Ole Miss (University of Mississippi)3. Ohio State University4. University of Wisconsin5. University of Southern California (USC)6. Penn State University7. University of South Carolina8. University of Alabama9. University of Tennessee10. University of Texas